This blog has grown with me, you would see as you go through my posts from day one to now. The year I started this, it won Best New Blog at the BlogAward14 organised by Blogging Ghana. That was something I didn’t expect. It still feels strange, but I am grateful for the support of my readers.

The categories I have now were a bit difficult to settle on – what do I put where? How do I label this and that? But hey…this is it!

So check the menu – Book Reviews. Poetry. Short Stories. Randoms. Faith!

And then there is a new addition I contemplated much longer – Fibro Chronicles. This segment is the most personal, and  I know will be the most difficult to write for. I will do it, however, for the catharsis it brings, and for the awareness it raises. It will be about me and dealing with Fibromyalgia, Rheusolute Ghana (The Rheumatology Initiative) and Autoimmune conditions in general.

You’re welcome to me, my blogging journey, and my UPSILAMBA moments.