Before I Die…

Let’s write my tribute now,

Shall we?

I want to hear it

And cry with you

Before I go

Let’s write my tribute now

I do not know where I’ll be

When I leave

I can’t miss all that love

Let’s hear it now

Must I die before you reflect

On my life with you?

Look back…

Let’s recount memories

Start from the day

I stepped into your life

Tell me the difference I made

Capture each moment

In a glass vial

Tell me I’m talkative

That I laugh too hard

I cry too much

Tell me I’m stubborn

And relentless


All the cakes I baked


Each scoop of ice cream

Walks up the hill


My row with each nurse

That particular one

With that trotro mate


Every single poem I wrote

Every note I sang

Every character

I created

Name them





The love

Our love

The fights

The rage

The temper

The sad times


Each chat

Each shallow lie

Each deep truth

Record them all

I’m half-gone

The other half

Of time

Is on fast-forward

Read it to me

A line a day

It’s mine

Not theirs

Whisper it to me

My tribute


18 thoughts on “Before I Die…

  1. ”Start from the day

    I stepped into your life

    Tell me the difference I made

    Capture each moment

    In a glass vial”

    never made sense why we share our tributes when the person is no more….AWESOME!!!


  2. Nice read.
    What you say is true.Very true.

    My favourite line was:

    “Each little lie
    Each deep truth”

    Once again,the shape of your poem was good.


  3. One more thing. Just of personal quirk I’d have liked to read my favourite line as

    “Each shallow lie
    Each deep truth”

    I must say I like the empty scroll at the beginning.

    And for your tribute…let’s not speak of death too much.All I hope for now is that you do all you can you fulfill your essence here on earth before,and that afterlife will be a way better experience for you,only when the time is right.And that we do not know so keep living whiles you’re alive and we shall keep writing the best we can 🙂


      1. For us all will be quite a difficult thing to have…So I’d say at a point when you yourself know that time may be up – not anytime soon :).

        We…(I know plenty people like that) love having you around!!


  4. Wow. I love this poem because it simply reminds us of the essence of celebrating life before we die. What is a fancy tribute to a dead man?


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