I’ve had a sweet tooth since…well since  these first set of teeth appeared.


(No, it wasn’t my birthday, it was my sister’s. Mom said I cried till they let me cut the cake. SMH)

My family is made up of  more girls than boys. (Just two boys – My brother and dad, and there’s 6 girls – My mom, Simbi, and my sisters Frimpomaa, Abena Dankwaa, Akua Serwaa, Yaa Agyeiwaa and me, Amma Konadu). But it was when my dad was in the kitchen that I loved most and that is where I learned my cooking, baking and eating habits from. My mom and the other girls did a lot of mainstream cooking – the standards, ampesi and abom, rice and stew, banku and okro soup/stew, fried fish, fried chicken…or grilled or whatever and then the moin-moin, amala, egusi, bitter leaf stew, etc. But when my dad was in the kitchen…it was beautiful. Vegetable and beef stir fry with sautéed irish potato wedges, shepherd’s pie, semolina pie, he could fry his eggs in layers – multi-layered omelette with stuffings, sugar-free pancakes and hot chicken sauce, he brought in cheese, cinammon, caramel, vanilla, almond essence, he would experiment, write recipes, learn new ones. It was always a delight having him in the kitchen.

So growing up, baking especially became a fun thing for me. I love the sight of a good oven, with temperature and time regulators that work, and I love me a good recipe i can follow to a point and add a little Amma to it to my tongue’s liking. My best ever pastry i’ve baked, and when I say pie i mean a huge round caserole dish of pie! I called it the Mozarella Chicken Pie….*singing* Hallelujah!  Haha! a full meal! I’m looking forward to baking one for christmas.

My diet is  horrible i must say. I’m a coke, cake, ice cream, chocolate, sweet, hot kinda girl most of the time. I crave food I can’t get immediately almost every time. Like how i’ve been craving bread and butter pudding for the past how many weeks?! I make a lot of noise about good food…so I happen to have some pictures of food I love and mostly eat.


(Ice cream cake – trust me, it is heaven!)


(Lol – this was a lil something at work. A buffet of everything I love from meatballs to quiche!)


(Tell me this isn’t the best snack ever. Ever tried studying with this on the side? :P)


(Yam balls!)


(All hail waakye packaged in herbs! lol)

There’s much more but this is enough for now. 🙂 Tell me what food you love! What new stuff you tried that you loved and wish to try again (was it fried ice cream?? YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY FRIED ICE CREAM the next time you visit a chinese restaurant!) lol.


16 thoughts on “GOURMET

    1. Oh yes, it is definitely one level of heaven!
      Unfortunately i haven’t learned how to make an ice cream cake yet. But my guess is it’s a combo of vanilla sponge cake and cream layered with ice cream and cherries. 😀


  1. Just at the third sentence I paused and exclaimed in my head, “What the!!” I was shocked for a moment and suddenly  stopped wondering why.
    That line was clear…But to think of the  impudence! Step away from the cake jor! 🙂 Haha. 

    You and your sisters names sound like a classic traditional collection of Ghanaian culture. Such name types will do Ghana proud in terms of inciting the curiosity of Europeans, I should say, if… – What I’m I even saying? – Mentioning those names together sounds nice :). It almost got me naturally high; I had to restrain myself :).

    Reading about your dad’s culinary exploits makes me want to unleash the chef in me… 😦 That “wicked” experimental chef who will leave you begging for more!! 🙂
    Ei! Amma,hmmm I can’t believe my mouth is watering right this moment!
    You just reminded me about a write-up about you in relation to cooking (specifically baking). You have just reemphasised my to need to write about that.

    Ha! I had to pause midway commenting on your post to write a poem about cooking *looks away*

    Wait!! Did you say you’re going to bake one for Christmas??? Yieeeyy! I’m taking the first bus to Accra next month! Which is only a day away.

    It’s interesting how you say your diet is horrible :-/
    There’s more to talk about that…maybe you should remind me about it .

    Finally,good food?? Yes ma’am.
    We’ll talk about that too, soon 🙂

    Before I forget we’ll talk about too.
    I want to write something 🙂 No, prose this time around 🙂

    *sigh* Who are you?? 

    Good read.

    If I should write about the food I like and my own special recipes I won’t be done soon.
    Let’s save it for later.


    1. LOL you know for years I thought it was my birthday pic. Lol. so the day I took it from my mom’s album to keep, she told me the story behind it. But herh, what do you mean by the line is clear? lol. You see Agyeiwaa and I have just a year between us, and I happened to be wilder than her so the bullying was natural. (I am sorry) lol

      Haha…yeah. And my dad is the “Twi is very important” kind of Asante man so you can imagine. How my Amma is spelt alone has a story behind it. smh There are good sounding names in my family. my brother is Kwaku Acheampong, then there’s the extended Kwadwo Forkuo, Abena Kyerewaa, Abena Mbra, Afia Acheampomaa, Akua Bema, Kwasi Gyasi, Kwame Boafo, Kofi Osei, Kwaku Addo, Akosua Puni, Ama Konama, Adjoa Konadu, Yaa Dufie…hahaha…and some I can’t remember now. And yes. I LOVE THE LOCAL NAMES. Simply beautiful and rich on the tongue!

      Hehehe…the wickedly good chef eh? Yup, that’s my dad. And lol, feel free to write it, I wanna read! Yes, I hope I get to bake one for christmas. Back when my brother was not yet married, he’d pay me to bake him some. He binged on the thing! lol
      Hehehe, we’ll talk yeah? will remind you!
      Sorry for causing you to write a thesis abstract here :p And thanks for reading 🙂


      1. And yeah i think our craving is heightened when they’re not so close..exam times kraa im thinking of some aprapansa and some guilty crabs..


  2. Ha!..i’m even hungry..you will pay for that..i love the way the grains of the waakye skate on the leaves when you eat them in the herbs..


  3. *clearing throat* afei na meeb3ka mede3; Amma woy3 ade3 bi w)h) a, 3ny3 fine…( I will continue later) but anyway I put your house on my Xmas schedule wae. Don’t panic menkoaa na meba. Nice read…looking forward to more of this :-):-)


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