So I woke up early today and started writing in a form I hardly ever write in. I have no idea what I’ve done but I thought I’d share it. 🙂 It’s untitled and I am not sure yet if I like it or not. Well, here goes..

I happened to pass by a peculiar morgue

On my way to joy today

In cases of glass, on metal shelves I saw

Dead, shriveled hearts on display.

The chill from the room grew intense as I neared

Hastened by curiosity

On the lowest shelf stood , when the mist had cleared

A case made of Swarovski

So grand was this case and purple in colour

I stared, transfixed to my spot

Around it swirled an enigmatic aura

Familiar, and almost not

The heart that lay within was dark and shrunken

Cradled in what looked like paws

A voice from within said; come forth and hearken

This heart you see, was once yours

I ran out of the room, shaken to the core

I ran, just kept on running

With a speed my legs had never known before

Towards where joy sat waiting

She sprang up from her flowery bed with haste

When she saw me approaching

“Slow down, poor child, pray tell why you’re in this state

Your heart, too loud is beating”

I fell in her arms, in the warmth of her breast

And broke down crying with her

A heart was beating fast and loud in my chest

It’s rhythm, filling the air

“A heart is beating in me!” I cried out loud

“A heart! So real, warm – so mine!”

Joy lifted me up onto the topmost cloud

And I did not pay a dime!


5 thoughts on “UNLIKE ME

  1. Out of the comfort zone at last. Taking a more critical look. I love the flow of events though


  2. This is one of the most beautiful poems i have read in recent times, you wrote this so beautifully so i now believe we write some of the most amazing poems when we simply do not know what we are doing. thanks for sharing this.


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