A lot of the time I get my friends asking me; “Amma how koraa does your mind work?!” and I laugh because I ask myself the same question all the time. I tend to have very quick, often humorous responses to almost everything. It will surprise people who don’t really know me when I tell them my sense of humour (not to brag) is crazy.

It’s strange though, that it hardly finds its way into most of my writings, especially the fictional ones. Early on this week, I was complaining about a new underwear I had worn that turned out to be a size too small. It was too tight and uncomfortable, and for some weird reason it brought to mind the little economics I learned from back in Secondary School –  Price Elasticity or was it Elasticity demand?

😀 O dear me! lol… you should have seen me laughing to myself because of what was going on in my head. Somehow, I could relate the terms ‘perfectly elastic’ , ‘perfectly inelastic’, etc. to the state I was in. Well there’s a lot of ‘eLASTICity’ in the underwear so it kind of makes sense. Lol

Just now, thinking back to not just that incident, but several of such crazy moments, I wonder why I have not tried my hands on comedy yet!

It will be a far cry from all of my writings. “Amma writes dark stuff” is another comment I think I’m tired of hearing. But the question is why can’t I? At least I can try. My only problem is the language! I write humour best in twi, menka nnaadaa mo. In fact, wogyimi wɔ borɔfo mu koraa a ɛnyɛ dɛ, in my opinion. Some are good at it, but i’d rather write twi. Maybe I should! 😀 It will be fun!

Let’s see how far this goes. 🙂


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