“I WRITE FOR THE SAME REASON I BREATHE…” [Writing Process Blog Tour 2014]

I have been sitting behind my laptop for close to an hour now, thinking…(of nothing and everything) “What do I have to say?” was the first question I asked myself when the Blog Tour baton was handed over to me by Daniel Kojo Appiah, most popularly known as Ozionn, a writer, poet, and one of my very good writer friends. And so it didn’t surprise me much when he handed over to me and two others. I think I’ll go straight to answering the questions, but before I do, I would like to drop this here 🙂



I’m a final year student of English (UG), specialising in Advanced Creative Writing, so my project work just happens to be my own writings. So yeah, i’m currently working on a manuscript under the coaching of the well known writer, Prof. Kofi Anyidoho. It is a collection of short fictional stories, memoir-like prose and poetry works, and a few special additions, which hopefully, will get published in a few years’ time. Errm, aside that, i am also working on what I like to call a “Confessionalography” with direct inspiration from Sylvia Plath, one of the very first confessional poets that lived and also my topmost favorite writer. The Confessionalography is a poetry anthology, and as the name suggests, all the poems that will be featured in there are confessional or what is referred to as “I” poems. It is all a growing up process for me, which means a lot of work is going on in and on me.


One other writer friend of mine has said more than once that whenever he reads, especially my poetry, he feels as if he is eavesdropping on some private conversation or moment of raw emotion. I can’t say for sure that it makes my work any different, that I write with such emotional abandon, but I can say that it is what you can use to identify my works, both prose and poetry. That and the structure of my pieces. I tend to use shorter lines (Sometimes as little as just one word on a line…could be a one-letter word even) in my poetry. I use a lot of repetitions cos it’s how my thought train works when writing. Oh and I’m quite obsessed with centering my poems when I type them out…just a habit that stuck.


This is where I place the whole quote, part of which is in the post title…


Writing, for me, came at a time when it was all I could do to not lose it completely..and it was poetry. Errm, as cliche as it may sound, it was for the catharsis writing brought mew that caused me to keep writing and it is as if I have been writing all my life. I think it is because I started getting to know myself better after I started so you can say it is when I actually began to live. Now, it is all I think of most of the time. Entering the University and reading English was all because this is what I want to do, and so far, it looks like I am still on the write…i mean Right path. Why do I write? Cos I don’t want to die yet.


Lol, eiii. Hmm. Errmm, it works with music. Everytime! I don’t know a wide variety of music, I am classical, choral music biased so that’s what I almost always listen to. This is how it works, I get home from school or work, settle down behind my laptop, the light turned off, then I get my earphones on, turn the volume up, and I start typing. For my prose works, I really just need the music playing to keep me focused on whatever plot I am developing, but for my poems, it has to be the right track to match my mood, then it flows. What has been the case for poetry is I end up shedding a few or too many tears by the time I’m done. Well, it’s cos, as I said, almost all my poems are confessional and as things stand…


Or most times even…looking at what I let out after I’m done.

Thanks for reading! I’d hand over now to…

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Miriam Delali Quarshie

Writer, Poet and Final Year Student (University of Ghana)

She blogs at delalinme.blogspot.com and wordsfromdelali.blogspot.com

Follow her on twitter @delalinme

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Elijah Atta-Aidoo

Writer and Poet

Blogs at elijahattaaidoo.wordpress.com

Follow him on Twitter @Ekowmaisse


Woelinam Dziwornu-Norvor

Dramatist, Writer, Poet

Blogs at legacykwamelegacy.blogspot.com

Follow him on Twitter @dwoelinam


11 thoughts on ““I WRITE FOR THE SAME REASON I BREATHE…” [Writing Process Blog Tour 2014]

  1. I happened to have visited this blog from somewhere and I guess I will enjoy reading from here ‘cos I am already becoming a fan of one writer who writes because her life depends on it.


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