New Year Wallpaper.

I started this year with a book list I ‘abandoned’ halfway through because something (which I have grown to love – it’s exciting!) happened. Books started calling out to me, appearing in weird ways for me to read them – one leading me to another, forming a chain, I had little or no hand in forming. I have read more this year than any other, I think because of the spontaneity chain, and also cos I went back to school this year and enjoyed doing a lot of reading of academic literature, creative and non-creative non-fiction in my field of interest. There were those that were unputdownable, those that I was re-reading in order to do a review on it. I started my book review column on The Amped Hub – something I didn’t have in my plans at the beginning of the year, but when we started the hub, I decided a book column would be great to run. I loved every bit of the reading and reviewing process, and I hope to do some more next year, God willing. There are those I read and seethed with anger, felt it so deeply I cried – some fiction, some creative non-fiction. Starting my studies in population studies opened me up to a lot of reading on pronatalism, the dynamics of Africa’s demographic transition, selective abortion, sex without consent in-depth, religion, and so much more real world stuff. My year in books birthed my new blog name – Upsilamba – from Nabokov’s Invitation to a Beheading, which reading Reading Lolita in Tehran made me realized could mean anything, Yup so it’s no longer Amma K’s Outlet, as it was before…but Upsilamba, which can assume any meaning as and when 😉



Towards the very end of last year, I shut down, and went on a much needed hiatus. I came out of it leaving some things, and painfully (yet needful) some people, behind. I needed some quiet, less clutter, room to focus, and get a grip on myself…finding my feet has taken me all year, and I still am only standing like the ground is hot coals, so there is still some way to go in becoming a better person, with a better outlook on life, with a grip on how to love right, live right… However, one of the things I acknowledge and appreciate this year is the people that came into my life – some were already in my life, but decluttering my life washed them ashore like hidden treasures, some were not so close, but bonds have been formed on deep levels. 2015 wouldn’t have been complete without them. So Daniel, you are my testimony, I love and appreciate you; Retta, God knew I needed a sister to bond with on the new path we both set out on; Fafa, the level head I need around and partner in crime, may 2016 be brand new for us; Prince, pest ankasa but…; Ivana, you are a sweet new friend; Naa Takia, I’ve been playing hide and seek with you unintentionally (lol); Dela (Efo Dela), for all the thoughtful calls, God bless you; Zanele, you’re inspring; Sinawo, I have told you the bond that’s there have I not?;  Kafui, you won’t even read this so kyerɛ!; Ama Benewaa, you know I love you, right? You are special; Afia Kissiwaa, you too; Dede, Abena, Crystal…lot’s of love!

I would be a liar if I say this year hasn’t been one big testimony. Miracle after miracle, some of which were so out of the blue and strange (circumstances under which they happened) yet exactly what I needed, I was left in the middle of the road crying cos like ‘God you tew much!’ like…if I tell you a stranger walked to me once and told me exactly what I needed to hear just out of the blue eh…like…answered prayers, opened doors, closed doors, I am too thankful – “eternity’s too short to utter all [His] praise”! This year is the first year of my life I have intentionally and actively pursued God. Yes, I was born into a Christian home, I grew up going to church, singing in the choir, eventually fell out of the choir, of church…on and on…it was this year, this year, that I became Christian, and I will not trade that step for anything! A lot of my reading was steered by a leading not mine, as I mentioned before. It’s been amazing! I started C2B – a Christian Women’s blog (but open to men too) with Retta, and it’s been great too!

So yeah, there’s so much to be thankful for. 2015 has been the best year of my life. I look forward to 2016. God’s got us!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !



4 thoughts on “MY YEAR IN BOOKS, PEOPLE & GOD

  1. I also didn’t read as much as I intended to but I got to meet so many awesome writers this year.
    I met Akotowaa and Naa Takia.
    Yeah, and I enjoyed our calls.
    Happy New Year

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