I was surprised to notice, halfway through my bath two days ago, when the lights went off, that my waist beads glow in the dark. They are not new. I have had them on for the past three or so years. I stood there, fascinated, turning my head as far back as it could go, to get a 360 view. How had I never noticed this? Am I so not observant? Have I been focusing on one thing for too long, missing out on small things like my own glow-in-the-dark waist beads?


I have (and those who follow my writing would have noticed) been writing about (and here I go again) pain a lot and I do not like that it is the case, but it makes sense nonetheless. However, I wonder if I, as a writer, am stuck in a monotone. I do write about other things. I love blogging on C2B Ghana and I can’t wait to re-start the book reviews I was doing last year. But I am talking about other forms of writing I do – poetry, short stories, random blog posts like this one, etc. I have been fighting getting depressed over the fact that every time I feel some poem coming or some character developing, or an urge to vent, it is almost always about the ‘same old thing’, and honestly, I am tired of it and bored, and frustrated, and bleh!


I probably am going to hold back putting anything up on here of that nature until either I snap out of this silliness, or this writing monotone breaks into song rich in variation. 😦  I don’t know what’s worse, a writer’s block or this thing that I probably shouldn’t be hating so much. I guess other writers might understand the need for a breath of fresh air(?) in the kinds of stuff we produce. Or am I alone in this? Do you sometimes ask yourself why you can’t write someway else or about something else? Why the source of inspiration for you has almost become singular. You step out and everything connects with that singular source and anything you spew out is coloured by that one thing. Does it not make you feel like a broken record? Like you’re stuck on replay or something? Not all the time, but maybe a lot of the time or some of the time?


Concerning the observation I made two days ago, it made me wonder if perhaps I haven’t been observant enough, if I am missing something, if this one thing is blinding me in a way somehow, I cannot creatively process other things? Is it such a bad thing? Should I not worry? Should I write them anyway and not feel like I’m whining or roll my eyes at myself saying ‘here I go again’?


Seriously, tell me, cos mabrɛ.


One thought on “MONOTONE

  1. I feel like that too all the time, I am always writing about myself. Can you believe it? Such selfishness. My pain, my triumphs, my weaknesses, all of it, all of the time. I want to write about other things too and I try but it feels

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