Sinawo is amazing. First time I heard her voice it was in song, lol! Thanks for the nomination, dear. I follow a lot of blogs, and read a lot of posts, but I comment very little (bad habit? yes? no?). There are a handful of them that impact me, and Sinawo’s happens to be one. Check out her ‘Baby Steps…‘(I knowwww, she’s being modest, tsk), and do check out what she put up on her birthday – Male, 28, Virgin! It was a life-changing post for me, really really impactful, and I bless her for it!

Okay! So this is simple, here are the rules I’m to follow;

1. Thank the person that nominated you and include a link to their blog.

2. Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice. When considering a fellow blogger for the Versatile Blogger Award, keep in mind the quality of their writing, the uniqueness of their subject matter and the level of love displayed on the virtual page.

3. Link your nominees and let them know about their nomination.

4. Share seven facts about yourself


Sinawo, thanks again!

Before I move to the fourth rule, all those I’d have nominated, have already been nominated, you see, so I dunno… Can I let it slide or do I repeat? Ok let me… So here…

Efo Dela

Naa Takia




Yeah, and some who have already taken up the nomination.

Now to…


  1. I’m gracecrazy! lol There’s this song I came across just this morning that sums it up beautifully…

If I could make just one request that would mark all the days I have
left, I’d rather not
be known for treasures and fame or trophies and accolades I know
will fade.
Instead I would rather be known by the kindness and love that I
show, to be known for
patience and long suffering; a giver of life by the words that I
So with every breath you give to breathe, I pray it’s your glory that
they see. And of all
the words this world could say, may they say I am full of grace.
I’ll be the first to confess; I’m not always found at my best. But
Lord be my strength in
those moments I’m weak and I’ll keep on giving the grace I’ve
And finally when I see your face and I’ve reached the end of my
race, I don’t want to
be known for finishing strong. But as someone that your grace
carried all along.

A song by Morgan Harper Nichols
A prayer for Grace

Grace delivered me, set my soul free, and compels me to give abundantly from the sunshine I have come to. Life is still tough as hell, but Oh there’s sunshine, blessed sunshine in my soul today!

2. BOOKS (melts) I have an almost unhealthy obsession with my personal library. The number of times I rearrange them on the shelf, dust them, think about them, miss them when they’re away at someone else’s. I fantasize about the architecture of my future house. It has got to have a library as magnificent as the Beast’s Library from Disney’s Beauty and The Beast, antique shelves in at least two major locations in the house, I want huge reading rugs, a kitchenny shelf in the kitchen for my cookbooks, books in the bathroom for overtimes on the watercloset, I waaaaant! I need to marry a book lover, so it doesn’t seem like I’ve made the house all mine. LOL! Oh my kids are either going to hate me or love me cos I’m going to raise them in a book house!




Awurade mawu!


“Open your eyes!” *dies*


LOL! What?!

3. Food! See, I don’t even eat that much, it’s the art of food that sways me! I cook with a passion and experiment a lot with the stuff I do. I love to share new food ideas, I think I’m going to publish a recipe book someday and oh my own food place!! I recently started going for healthier choices that still are appealing to the taste buds. I love grills and small chops, and baked stuff and *sigh* My brother-in-law brought home a Halogen Oven for christmas and you should have seen me! I shed tears over the beauty! There’s so much it can do, and it’s just perfect for healthy cooking. I love detail, delicate tastes and combinations, and I watch The Food Network anytime I get to watch TV. Gourmet is me! lol!


Halogen Oven (It’s gorgeous!)

4. My relationship with hospitals. Lol, now I wasn’t sure whether to add this or not, but *shrug*. I remember watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and one teenage girl had come in for a lumbar puncture. Yeah it’s just drama, but I could feel for the young girl so much, I wanted to reach out and tell her “shhh, it will be over soon”. I’ve had a pretty bad health record over the years and sometimes it drains me very much. Recently, I have had to pray firmly about my emotions cos they’ve been all over the place. I thoroughly hate Korle Bu. It’s hard dealing, really hard. Towards the end of last year and this one has been tough…a battle…but hey…there is sunshine somewhere. I don’t want to dwell too much on this; all I want to say is..


5. My names. Just this afternoon someone sent me a “Have a productive day, Ama” text and I cringed. I had to talk myself out of sending him the “*Amma” correction. I don’t know how this attachment developed, but it did, and it’s been serious, lol! Please, it’s Amma, not Ama. Thanks! I have had this conversation about my names and how I feel about them…I am generally fascinated by names and some words and how they sound and what they mean. I read some books and love some characters just because of their names. I have said this before, I fell in love with the name Sizwe Bansi, instantly. Hadassah! Elianah! I think about my names and I somehow feel like it is a part of the story of my life. I’d say it again;

Hannah – Overflow of grace

Amma (Nyamewa) – Goddess

Konadu – Persevere (or more directly, ‘fight till you get there’)

Bisola – Born in Happiness.

It’s all fascinating, really!

6. I have too many things I want to do. 24 hours a day is not enough, I sometimes want to split myself into many parts so I can get everything done. My passion doesn’t run in one trajectory, but I think there are parts that merge, and as I grow more develop. It’s both a blessing and a curse.

7. I’m head over heels in love 🙂



5 thoughts on “RELAY

  1. Oh what a beautiful list, reminds me why and how I fell in love with you and your writing in the first place. You paint a beautiful picture Amma ❤

    Loved each one. We share so many similarities hey ❤ Sorry about the sickness and I do remember us talking a bit about it late last year and how it inspired a post of mine ❤ You are strong and beautiful and thank you for being the only one that followed the rules hahahaha

    Liked by 1 person

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