Hallo! Another new month (and it’s June! *freaks out* *breaks into dance* *hysterical laughter* ok we’re good) and it’s time to share my reading list for the past month with you.


I mentioned in my very first reading list on here how I have grown to love Tozer and his works…so yep! I just have to see Tozer as the author and I am buying, because I know I’d be in for a thought-provok51XOXiQMKmL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ing, spirit-filled read. I think I may do a review on Tozer and on Christian Literature in general because personally, I think it is very much underrated. Yes, so this was my new Tozer addition for May.

It was, as usual, as straight-to-the-point as Tozer always is.

To be filled with the Spirit of God is to have come through feelings, disturbance, anxiety, disappointment and emptiness. When you reach that place of despair, when you have gone to the last person and you have written the last editor, when you have followed the last evangelist around and hunted up the last fellow to counsel with you—when no man can help you anymore and you are in a state of inward despair—that is when you will recognize that you are near the place where God can finally do what He wants to do for you. When there comes that despair with self, that emptying out of you and that inner loneliness, you are getting close.

It is part of my belief that God wants to get us to a place where we would still be happy if we had only Him! We don’t need God and something else. God does give us Himself and lets us have other things, too, but there is that inner loneliness until we reach the place where it is only God that we desire.


Now this book I must say I didn’t really enjoy, mainly because the plot was quite straight-forward, no major surprises anywhere in anyway (not just with the plot structure) and well, it wimages (2)as very predictable and telenovell-ish, but I finished reading anyway (not everyday great reads…sometimes, not-too-good books,lol!) I think however that I will stick to Francine Rivers for now, she is so far the best Christian Fiction Writer I have read!

This is book one of the Brides of Assurance Series and I must admit, I am not eager to grab those that follow. *shrugs*

Comparing with Rivers’ Redeeming Love and Bridge to Haven, this was not as exciting. Perhaps it has to do with writing style? I don’t know. Anyway, on to the next!


Veronique Tadjo! I have had this book for a while now, and I only had the chance to read last month. My initia51mgJ5N9FiL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_l reaction the day I spotted the book in the University Bookshop, Legon, was ‘But why is an Ivorian writing about an Akan Legend??’ (I had never heard of Queen Pokou!) Then I learned soon after, that this Queen Pokou was the founder and leader of the Baoule people, who are the largest tribe in Ivory Coast today. Again, I salute the translators…great work!

I must do a review proper, of this book, lest I quote the entire text here. I have quite a bit to say about Tadjo’s style, the role of the translators in trying as much as they can not to lose any of what was in the original, in translation. Then again there is the fact that this is a legend that I can say is shared by Ghanaians, and Ivorians, and as Tadjo said,

The legend of Abraha Pokou, Queen of the Baoule people, was told to me for the first time when I was about ten years old.  I remember how the story of this woman, who sacrificed her only son to save her people, caught my imagination.

I kept wondering why I never heard this story while growing up (or am I the only one?). If not, then we are missing a lot. But as I said, I reserve this for a full review sometime soon.


ARB137I screamed continuously for about a minute when a colleague and good friend waved this book at me, saying ‘I know Amma will like this.’ Like this? LOVE THIS! I was so excited, you have no idea! After reading God Dies By The Nile, I read up on Saadawi, and when I encountered this title, I was like, ‘I have to read this.’ An autobiography is almost always rich and powerful, depending on who it is of or for. This is not only an autobiography, but the lives of so many other women (Arab Women) I knew I was in for a disturbing read, albeit eye-opening and informative. This too is one I need to do a full review on…in fact even more, but that is a topic for discussion another day.

Aside a lot of such books I find myself reading of late, there are reviews by other people, academic papers, etc. that i can’t help delving into, fine-tuning my own views, which aren’t necessarily identical to Saadawi’s. They are uniquely mine, I believe, shaped by a lot of factors. There is a lot to say about all that this book (and the others under that same umbrella) has to add to one of the most controversial areas ever probed, discussed, practiced, debated on – Feminism.

When this book caught my eye at the bookshop just about a week ago, at the Ghana Book Trust (people, you should visit the place! finding gems there can be a bit of hard work but trust me, there are gems! and prices are so low, you will end up carrying a box full of books out o900379f there on every visit!) I rushed and grabbed it before anybody else spotted it. It was the name, first off, that caught my attention. Hadassah! Francine Rivers made me fall in love with this name with the character she developed so well in her Mark of the LionTrilogy (you should read them all!) I have never seen the movie, One Night With the King, and this was my first time ever hearing of it, after purchasing the book, but it was a beautiful read! Hadassah! The original Hadassah’s memoir. It doubles as a novel and a history book, and I really enjoyed getting to know about her story and all that surrounded it. Vivid descriptions, vivid accounts…my! I don’t know what the movie will add or subtract to or from this experience but I think I’d like to see it.

At the end of the memoir is this;



Esther, Star of Persia 

And it’s funny how that appeared so powerful to me! Hadassah….Essence of myrrh! Ha!


And finally! This is something I started last month, and will be reading till the end of the year and beyond. I ha51ka30n5R0L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ve said it already on another platform that with each page, this book is quickly becoming one of my most cherished because it appeals to my recently stoked apologetic leanings! This is History in clear factual details, opening the Bible up to you bit by bit. This is something I will write about, but not now. The time will come though…the time will come (*fights urge to touch briefly on it*)

“Widely viewed and long misunderstood as a sign of guilt, the so-called ‘Mark of Cain’ is actually a symbol of divine mercy. Opponents of the death penalty point to this first murder and God’s merciful sentence on the murderer as a biblical rejection of capital punishment. For his crime, Cain basically receives a life sentence of hard labour.”


Aaand that was it for May! I did some book shopping last week so my June sure is booked! (pun intended).



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