Combing his thin grey hair neatly, calm as I always am, it was his buck teeth I knew I’d miss most. It gave his face an attractive touch, and as I dusted the talcum over his wrinkled face I remembered the first time those lips, milliseconds away from mine, parted in the most amusing grin, right before he blew hard into my left eye.

If my heart rate had been no indicator of my sick desires, my grave disappointment did prove it eventually. Now what if I had inched forward and placed my dark lips on his? And let it stay? A second? Two? Wait till he broke free, not sure if it was what daughters should give fathers in the affection department, but not wanting to ask, he’d stare; his concerns flashing briefly across his handsome features.

And what if he had parted his lips and triggered the parting of mine? To listen? With my tongue? What his had to say?

I carefully applied lip gloss to the lips that had failed to kiss me like how I’d…its stillness stirred something within me and I froze…a bit, then turned the music up;

Miserere mei, Deus…[1]


Papa…cold on a metal slide far removed from the playground where he used to scoop me up at; twirling round and round till I was dizzy…and he was not. My superman, my God, my…



Amplius lava me ab iniquitate mea: et a peccato meo munda me…[2]

I straightened his bowtie, and it straightway took me back to the day he chased after me up the aisle from the altar where I shattered my rehearsed vows and let my heart ring; I DO—n’t! It was that same bowtie…

They said the groom’s mother cursed my entire lineage and future generation, and then ordered the guests to enjoy the reception anyway. Food is food.

Papa…stiff as the starched collar of his dark tuxedo. I picked lint of it and smiled. I’d miss his buck teeth, I knew.


Ecce enim in iniquitatibus conceptus sum…[3]


Looking down at the silver buckle attached to the black leather of his belt, I fingered it, allowing my hand to linger, long enough to contemplate…nothing

Papa…all dressed up for me. Till death do us…



Papa…all ready for his wake.

Benigne fac, Domine, in bona voluntate tua Sion…[5]


I took his hands in mine; hands that had trained me for life…and for death. I placed them gently across his chest. Perfectly done…

Then he sneezed!

“I told you the talcum irritates my sinuses,”

He whispered with his eyes still closed and we both burst out laughing. He sat up and winked at me,

“Now that…is how to groom a male corpse! End of lesson!”

He boomed then bared his buck teeth.

“Yes Daddy,”

I smiled too.

[1] Latin – Have mercy on me, O God [From a classical composition by Gregorio Allegri to the 51st Psalm]

[2] For I acknowledge my faults: and my sin is ever before me.

[3] Behold, I was shapen in wickedness

[4] Behold

[5] O be favourable and gracious unto Sion


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    1. Hello, love! Thank you so much. You know what, i’m going to change things up a little bit, cos I don’t want to particularly continue the thread (cos I’ve realized I keep tagging the same people in such and they may be tired of me *tears*). So what I’ll do is to answer your questions, and some of the stuff you shared yourself. Thanks again!

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