The last time I saw Dr. Amissah-Arthur at the Rheumatology Clinic (KBTH), she was all smiles as she carried on with my physical exam; “what’s been destressing you?” she asked. “The last time, you wouldn’t even let me touch you!” We both laughed. Yup, that was how much pain I was in that last time – the “i’d rather not wear clothes today” kinda pain.

213b529225ef35d08c9df29a34b5d009One of the very first things I learned about this condition was to avoid stress – eliminate as much of it as possible, from my life. They trigger flare ups like nobody’s business. And a flare up is a temporary increase in the number and/or intensity of symptoms. Worsening pain and fatigue are generally the first two symptoms noticed in a fibro-flare. But other symptoms like poor sleep, increased cognitive dysfunction and digestive disturbances are often experienced as well. No one will tell you to avoid stress, you will start avoiding it yourself! But truth is, that is some hard, hard something to do, trust me. There are too many things in this our Ghana that can stress a woman out! Everything is stressful. Plus, I’m a postgrad student as well…LOL! See?…stress! Managing it literally means conditioning my mind to block all of the stress. Over the months I have tried to manage it, both physical and emotional, as much as I can…well, until this morning.

Trying to retrieve my airtime from Airtel had me calling customer-care more than once, and ranting on my timeline, really stressed out by the fact that this is a problem that should have been rectified in just five minutes, or less!! Thing is, I didn’t know how much it had stressed me till the pain in my legs shot up and very soon I couldn’t decide whether to place my pillow (yes, the one I carried permanently to my spot in class) on the seat, and sit on it (cos my pelvic bone, ass, hips all hurt), put it on the table and place my head on it (cos this migraine is not joking, and my neck…let me not talk plenty), or use it to cushion my back. It is currently cushioning my back. Cos the pain I am going through now, don’t ask me to describe it, but I just know this flare up is cos I let myself get stressed. ugh!


Perhaps the best thing to do is to know it when you’re getting stressed before it graduates to a flare up…I didn’t see this one coming, I should have ignored their crappy selves. Why, the 0% I had in my I.A last week koraa didn’t even stress me! Why did I let this?? Or is this post-stress? LOL! Oh dear me. HOW DOES ONE AVOID STRESS?! WHY IS THIS, OF ALL THINGS IN THE WORLD, A MAJOR TRIGGER! *breathe* Sometimes it comes from nowhere and knocks you out, and you’re left spending two hours to type a blog post that could have taken minutes. -_-

Anyway, this post is an attempt to destress (*sigh*), and I think it’s working kakra (just remembering the 0% has cut it down by a quarter, I must admit).

So here’s to you, dear stress,

We are not friends. Everything has the potential of bringing you on, yes, that’s the fact of the matter (Cos right now, trying to massage myself koraa no…) but WE ARE NOT FRIENDS, okay? Please, and thank you. 




I’m hungry too…



6 thoughts on “DEAR STRESS,

  1. FIBROMYALGIA, so this is what it is called.I have been experiencing this for a while now and have become so accustomed to it, I see it as something normal. I am doing further research on it. Thanks for the education.


    1. You should see your doctor, get a referral to a rheumatologist, and get a proper diagnosis, so you can get on the necessary medication. All the same, I am hopeful it won’t be it. Read up some more and make the next move from there. ❤


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