This is in response to a train I was tagged in by another sweet blogger (Nana) – Check it out here.

I’m completely bending the rules, or maybe I am not, cos well, I’m not particularly continuing the train.

So here goes! This is me!


What is your strongest conviction ?

My faith. I’m Christian, and more and more, I find myself experiencing depths of God’s love I never before thought or knew was possible. It has been exciting waking up to so many possibilities on the daily, discovering more, knowing Him more. It’s not an easy road – “believe not those who say the upward path is smooth”. But I’d rather be on this road than any I’ve taken aside it, so help me, God.


How would you describe yourself in one word?

Ashrê! This is Hebrew for ‘blessed’ which means happy or joyous. It “recognises the existing state of happiness”. I have grown to love, love, love Hebrew, because the words always seem to encompass so much, and almost all of what I feel and mean, and want to say. So yes, Ashrê  is me in one word. Not just merely joyous because I am blessed, but, as Ogilvie put it, “that blessed person is one who is pressing on in a life of clearly set goals and purpose. The blessed person is one who is energetically pressing ahead through life, grasping its many-splendored wonder. Her eyes are on the Lord and His plan for her. Life is exciting; serendipities of grace await her each new day; expectation of unlimited possibilities makes her spirit vibrant with hope.” That. Ashrê!


In 30 years’ time, at this particular moment, what would you like to be doing, and where would you like to be?

Exactly where God would have me be and doing. I don’t have much to say. Yes, I am doing stuff now (I’m a writer, I started C2BGhana with a friend, I am passionate about the literary arts and impactful qualitative research, I’m currently a postgrad student – population studies, working at getting a PhD by 2020, I want to merge these two passions – literature and impactful policy-driven research) that could make me guess where I probably would be, but when I sit to think about everything, yeah, I would like to be where God would have me be.


What is your name? Does it inform in any way, your perception about yourself?

AMMA (the appellation of this day name is Nyamewa – goddess, but I like to think of it as divine royalty). KO (fight) – NA (and) – DU (get there) – yuuup, I am a warrior! I don’t consciously think of my name frequently, but I love that it reminds me of when I come up against a new challenge, some hard place. I remind myself I am the child of the King, and a warrior, and I am going to pull through yet another battle. God is good, He knew, I’d need this!


If you were hosting your favourite people to dinner, what would you cook for them?

What they’d like to eat, including how they want it – spicy, not spicy, vegetarian, less salt, no salt, you know – all of that. I believe the gourmet touch is more in being able to cook for any “client” at all, and making it special.


If you would someday write a book, what genre would it be?

I WOULD SOMEDAY WRITE BOOKS! lol! Uhm, both fiction and non-fiction, and within the two, I think I’d pretty much explore different genres.


Do you or did you like school?

I like learning. Not sure if I like school. I love to learn what I love, add up with my own views, make friends, work on projects, fight with the system (lol).


If you are Christian, what is your favorite bible verse? If not, have you heard any that you liked?

Now you remember how you answered that “what is your favorite color” question? Pretty much the same with me when it comes to Bible verses. I love Psalms, Isaiah, Paul’s letters, the story of Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, Esther (Hadassah)…to sum it up… Psalm 119:103 – How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!



What is the most beautiful thing to you?

The illuminating moments of coming to some understanding, especially of the Word.


Listening or talking, which one do you enjoy doing most?

I enjoy good conversations – nothing one-sided.



Who or what would you never forget? Why?

I’ll never forget the night of 29th December, 2014. It was when I became born again. No, I was not in church. I was on my knees in my bathroom, struggling to puke but couldn’t, cos I had eaten nothing but a handful of chips that night, and I was drunk and tired of life. I just…surrendered.


Ok, so Nana…this is it. I was curious about your post being the most personal you had written. Why is that?




3 thoughts on “SOME BITS OF ME

  1. Lovely!

    My post was the most personal I had written (and shared) because though I write about insights I get as I go about living, I had never painted so much of myself in one portrait.

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