LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD: Fibromyalgia Awareness.


Today is #FibromyalgiaAwarenessDay and it seemed as if my body wanted to remind me in detail what this day means to me, and how much more we need to speak out about it, push for awareness, and eventually a cure.

Yesterday, I first did some good ranting on student challenges for people like me (you can read it here) and then went on another dawn time rant that I was sure I’d probably regret come this morning. But…I do not regret it. Yes, last night my emotions were raw, I needed a good cry..I was tired of how bad I was feeling, and really close to down flat. I had written an exam in the morning, and before the paper I was already stiff and achy.

This was me that morning

I didn’t want to go anywhere, cos moving was painful as hell. It was a two-hour paper, questions demanding lots of writing, and the joints in my fingers hurt, even the muscles in there were tight, my nerves were tingly and beginning to burn, and I was so nauseous. I had to finish the paper. Bless God, the questions were all questions I could comfortably answer.


After the paper, I decided to take a walk, cos my muscles all over were painfully stiff, pins and needles in my feet, numbness. I thought to take a slow-paced walk, perhaps to improve blood circulation. I did, and after 30 minutes I was back in my Institute running a madly high temperature. After about a minute my body temp dropped to very low suddenly, I broke out in cold sweat, and yes, that dramatically, my head exploded in pain. Half my head (the left side), down to my jaw, ear, neck, throat area. The temperature kept fluctuating from one end of the spectrum to another like that, and I thought I was going to pass out. I had to get myself home. When I finally laid in bed, I broke down and cried, and for the rest of the night I remained on that emotional low, threatening to sink even deeper down. Today, I’m much better, praise God! At least the migraine packed up and left just around 10am.

Enough of the complaints.

Why is this campaign necessary? Well, for one, read my article from yesterday (I shared the link earlier). The symptoms of fibromyalgia are a long long list…


And many more!


I have done a lot of talking today about all of this. All I want to say is #MakeFibromyalgiaVisible #WeNeedACure



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