A few days ago one sentence almost made me break down and cry just because it was so damn accurate, and I could relate so much, the relief it brought was..oh dear God! Here, let me say it again –

“IBS sucks…It will swing over to constipation for a while, then it will swing over to diarrhoea for a while and usually lives in some strange land in between, where I never feel like things are fully cleared.”

Girrrrllll, you know it! You know it! 


I don’t know which is worse, the constipation, the runny tummy, or an absolutely indecisive gut! Since all of last week till now, I have suffered that middle ground, and IT IS NOT PLEASANT! I did a bit of reading to find out why IBS comes with fibromyalgia, and it made sense. Fibro is traumatic enough for the body to go through a level of stress that disrupts the brain-gut axis communication. So, aside having to do a trigger elimination for my fibro flares, at the onset of IBS, I have got to get on an elimination diet to aid my gut so it’s a bit sensible.

I’d have to choose between having to gulp down diagelates and antacids and antiflatulence (*cries in gas*) and cramp relievers, and avoiding them altogether by eating just what comforts my tummy and keeps me healthy.

I choose pizza 😦


It is good to listen to the body and know how it fares after ingesting any fluid or solid food. Although IBS also has no cure, and it is frustrating to have to deal with a medley of chronic conditions, I have to be focused on my body’s communication with myself. My body needs me, basically. I have to keep up with the changes.

An elimination diet is when you chart what you eat, and then start to eliminate all foods that trigger an allergy or some discomfort (in my case IBS), until all triggers are out of your diet, then you start to reintroduce them one by one to test if you get that trigger again. If you do, then that food is completely off your diet now. It is a very involving procedure that needs discipline and commitment. Chale!

Before recently, I was okay with gums. I chewed gums and everything was alright. But now…five seconds in, and I’m belching like a volcano that’s freshly erupted. So there goes gum. Next is milk. I am not too sure yet if milk has to go, because I have not really been able to point a finger on the effect of it. But milk is going off for now, just in case. Since this is a very new project, I have just these two on my eliminated list. Hopefully, I will be able to reduce the occurrence of the IBS symptoms, and have happier bowels. Cos, really, it is not a joking distin. You spend so much time on the water closet, and you can’t even read (which would have been a plus), because all your focus is on either pushing as hard as you can while giving yourself motivational speeches in your head and doing lamaze breathing, or writhing in pain, feeling as liquid as your bowels, Lord have mercy!

One other thing is to take in vitamins that help. One that I have learned of is magnesium. Magnesium deficiency triggers not just IBS symptoms, but some FMS symptoms as well. That is something to know.


So now I’m thinking pumpkin pie, what do you say??

Anyway, this is it! The elimination diet has begun, and I know it’s not going to be easy, but fraternizing with the potty is not a joy either, you have no idea…or maybe you do?

Also, such a diet is good not just for people like me, but for everyone, really. Eating healthy helps your skin, hair, bones, and general physical well-being. Stay fit!





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