I am not sure how I pictured myself at this age when I was little, but I’m sure a heartwarming bank account seemed like it’d happen, naturally. So today, as I headed back from my part-time teaching job, trying to figure out what I could eat so I have money left to transport me to work tomorrow, I thought of not just myself, but many young people like me. Here I am with two cedis to my name, having koko for late lunch (and as you can see from the image above, the koko is happening live; you’re invited), and asking my sister for a loan. LOL!!

Anyway, so I found myself laughing when I stopped in front of a red-red joint (cos in my mind, that should sure be cheap lunch), asked how much one plantain was and was told 50 pesewas, and the beans was 2 cedis, so I immediately ‘couldn’t think far again’. I guess you can figure out at this point that that was how come I ended up with koko (that’s 80 pesewas, thank God!) I just stood there laughing for about half a minute before I turned to leave. I fully considered myself; fresh out of school (yup, I submitted my thesis for a Master’s Degree just last Friday), working towards setting up my food business,  working towards publishing, teaching part-time, and ABSOLUTELY BROKE. “Amma! Life is beautiful!” I told myself. And really, it is; for me, at least. Here’s why…

There is freedom in going for what you want and going hungry sometimes as you do so. I must be crazy working towards my food business when I do not have a penny, or much more crazy still looking to go back to school soon after the break I’ve taken, crazy to still be constantly writing like it brings me millions. But these things that I am doing or working towards, are what I want to do, and though it could mean there will be more days like this, life is beautiful. There are days when I’m not this broke (a lower degree of broke, that is). And, fulfillment for me, really, is a smile on someone’s face, me experimenting for my menu ideas, me writing and reading, and writing, and reading, me closing yet another chapter, and taking a step closer to where I want to be at. Yes, it means so many non-paying jobs (those writing and editing distins that are refusing to feed me 😦  *cries in ‘track changes’*) and part-time jobs (with a pay you end up unable to save from, cos it is bare-survival money) at this point of the journey; but is this not the prize you have got to sometimes pay when you heed to your passion (or a medley of them) and the drive of purpose?

They are not bad necessities to an end, anyway. In spite of my feather-weight purse, and the red-red swerve moment (and now the bad koko i just finished drinking), my student  (amazing young lady) made my day by gifting me this, which to me meant a lot, she had no idea. I love butterflies – what they symbolize. Before then, I had been given feedback on improvement of the students I have been teaching that made my heart soar. It was wonderful news!


So of course, I am broke, the hustle will get even harder. BUT…life is beautiful.


P.S – I now have minus eighteen cedis to my name (thanks to the 20-cedi loan from my sis). 



6 thoughts on “LIFE. IS. BEAUTIFUL

  1. There’s ‘distin’ about food and books that makes us hungry enough to pay the prices for them in many ways.
    Thanks for sharing.

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