Photo credit: B. Roberts

I have not trusted You, dear Lord,

I have not trusted You enough.

When promises roll from the foot of the cross,

“Be careful for nothing…I am your God,”

Like Sarah, within me, I laugh.

What waging waters,

Tumultuous trials,

Cascading cares

To face.

And yet You tell me, You tell me,

Lord Jesus;

“Don’t fear, I’m full of grace.”

How do I do this?

Calm down and listen…

How do I obey as I should?

I would if I could

With the strength left within,

But I can’t, I can’t, O Jesus.

So I move to the cross

Where Your promise unfolds

And I name the names

That ensnare me.

I parade with pride,

I fret with fears,

I linger in lies,

I’m sinking.

Smack dab in denial

Of base desires,

Of hatred and envy

And anxiety.

But hear me, O hear me,

I name them, I name them,

I stand at Your feet and name them.

I have not trusted You, dear Lord,

Not trusted You enough

But here I am before the cross

“Just as I am…O Lamb of God”

I name them…

and I come.


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