What is this madness that makes me 

carry myself into the future,

leaving happiness behind,

torturing myself this way?
Like now,

catching myself 

thinking of a time without you,

not sure if it should be that you died,

or that you broke my heart,

or I yours,

or fate did us both in.
I break down in tears,

mourning good times not yet had,

but gone;

missing you fiercely

like I need to rehearse

for life –

for how flawed our love

can be…

and is. 


4 thoughts on “A REHEARSAL 


    it is a basic fear

    trying to uproot you from

    the place you’ve been planted
    Like how else

    does the plot usually go?

    Overreaching with foreshadowings

    which are mere possibilities

    and nothing more.
    So why wouldn’t you rather

    give yourself over to the sanity

    that assures you of the future

    by leaving fear and death behind

    and taking faith and life with you?

    For in spite of flaws
    love is perfect and makes us
    and things better

    Destiny has never given you cause

    to fret on this stage.

    This should be your best act yet
    and the more beautiful scenes are

    yet to come.

    We are desperately flawed

    and so this is a story of the art

    of perfection

    This is one for the Writer’s glory

    and that can only continue

    in the truth of love. . .

    and Love.

    [0116hrs; 28th January, 2017]

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