Na Wo, me Nyankopɔn – 

Dua a mewea, mia m’ani

Bɛn ho, twere ho a,

Awerɛhyɛmu bu fa meso

Sɛ merempɔn nhwe da.

Wo, Ɔkorosa tumi Wura a

Wodi aberempɔn nyinara soɔ.

Nti Wonsono kyim ampa sɛ

Baatan bere a ne ba rebrɛ?

W’ahomeɛ te tesɛ Agya a

Ne dɔba redi nsɛmmɔne?

Nti nnipa dɔm mmeresanten yi

Yɛn nyinara wɔ wo?

Abusuabɔ no yɛ prɛkopɛ?

Obiara yɛ ɔba ma Wo?

Me Nyame, nokorɛ no nie

Sɛ Wonni mmanana bi?

Ne saa deɛ a,

Wo ne owia yi bɛpue abɛtie

Wo mmogyakrogyen yi anɔpasu?

And You, my God – 

The tree I crawl  and in effort

Draw near to and lean on

And my hope spills over

Knowing I will never fall off.

You, almighty Trinity

Who Lords over lords

Do Your insides turn

Like the mother of a suffering babe?

Do You grieve like the Father

Over the waywardness of a beloved son?

Are we, through all of time,

Fully yours?

Is the lineage sure?

Are we all offspring?

My God, is this truth

That none is but a child of a child?

Truly then,

Would You rise with the sun to heed

The morning cry of an heiress?


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