So many broken parts
Left behind like casualties of a war
That never should have been

How do you wake up to a piece of you
And shut your eyes to it
Leaving it to wither and die?

How does an apple prematurely…
Ripped off the tree it didn’t have to think of holding on to,
Find a way to exist as though it was ripe?

How are we expecting a healthy orchard
When fruits that are barely far from seeds, make seeds that have lost some essence?

Piece by piece… something dies
Here and there… something dies

Year in
Year out
A change here
Another there

How do we still expect that the orchard is of the same fruit as decades back?

So many broken lives

More and more we no longer hit the ground running.

We land and are down flat

We land and die

Wasted years spent finding all the places that hurt,

Stopping internal bleeds…

Startled by latent injuries triggered by seeming normalcy

Ricocheted to a “square one” that didn’t exist before

Lost in spaces that should have been home

Grown men learning to walk in time to be enlisted

And end up…

in many broken parts
Left behind…

casualties of a war
That never should have been.

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