We all have those things that make for a great day/night of relaxing, don’t we? We may have a few combinations that make our list. A soak in a hot foaming tub, slow music and wine? A dark room, fresh air and silence? A walk on the beach at dawn with the love of your life? Junk food in bed and a movie marathon?

Trying to get a comfortable position to sleep in had been tough for the past two weeks or more; partly because it hurt to lie down (or stand or sit for that matter), and partly because I worry too much about not being comfortable in the first place. It had to stop somewhere. I had to find a way to be comfortable and I had to stop worrying. I needed that perfect combination, and last night was the miracle!

The thought to find myself a pregnancy pillow was a eureka moment on Tuesday morning, and so by evening, after my big Sis gifted me hers and I lodged my aching body in it, supporting with two more regular pillows, the bliss made me tear up. Blessed natal cushions! But it wasn’t quite it.

Introducing the preg. pillow 🙂


And so last night, while enjoying the plushness, I started to play Christmas carols and took out one of my journals to read recent notes I’d made. Although I was still in pain and perhaps if I had stopped everything I was doing, my mood would have taken a dive, I felt myself relax. The combination was piecing together beautifully.

Now for the cherry on top; love. In about half an hour, that humming feeling that settles on me when there is a break from bad bad pain, settled on me and I was all giddy inside. The love sickness last night was like being sick and getting re-infected with the same bug and getting sicker. Ha! “Christmas carols, a pregnancy pillow and love,” I scribbled in my birdie journal before putting it way, smiling sheepishly like a love-struck idiot (which I am).


I am a worry expert, (I am only recently acknowledging this), but thank God for loved ones and the Holy Spirit and the miracle of perfect de-stress combos like this. I know how hard it is to settle when there are things to legitimately worry about; when you are in real pain and you’re tired of it; when you honestly cannot sleep and your natural inclination is to snap at everyone and be petty and cry and wallow in the pity pond. But this week (and especially last night) has taught me that the perfect combo exists and making some effort to find it is rewarding.

Let me play Mom at this point and add that for health reasons, it’d be best to find a healthy combo (especially if you’re already dealing with one health condition or another, be it chronic or otherwise). Let me scroll back up now and cross out that ‘junk food’ bit before I  go on. 

So go on and piece together that perfect combo, share some with me if you don’t mind. Fall in love, buy a pregnancy pillow and ignore all the stares you may get (haha!), listen to christmas carols in June and turn the volume up. Put off all the lights and dance naked off-beat. Blackmail your beloved into staying up late with you when you can’t sleep. Sing old spiritual songs like “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” with all the drama you can mimic. Pray. Study the Bible. Journal. Read old entries.Binge-watch one whole season of your favorite series and cry for silly reasons. Rant to a poor unsuspecting friend and make them feel guilty small for dawging you. Make it happen. Make it happen!

To whom it concerns 😉



  1. I don’t relax easily… Anxiety stuff and all… I could watch telenovelas and series all day thinking I’m relaxing, but once the episode is over, the worries flood in. But I found I love watching my dog sleep… Actually I love when he’s next to me; sleeping, playing, picking at his underbelly (for some reason). I am most…..settled when he’s around. So my actual relaxation combo is; my bed on a Sunday morning with my dog next to me napping as I binge watching series/movies. That’s it. While munching on Chocolate of course 😂

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  2. ☺ Glad that you found your perfect combinatio.

    I can’t relax. My mind doesn’t know how to. The rest of my body too but I think certain natural phenomena does it for me. I hvea plans of going to sleep at some beach or under some trees at the Legon botanical gadren. Somewhere. Anywhere I can fall asleep for a long time without worries.

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    1. You should try bringing nature to where u r then. Some ppl simply listen to recorded sounds of waves. The mind is powerful. I know mine is. I hope ypu find your perfect combo too, and soon 😚

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