You want to lash, cry, out

Shake your fist held up to

Where silence shrouds


You want to stop pulling the breaks on

All the “I’m sorry”s; stop saving them

For cankers that stink less to you


Stop the feigned “hallelujah”s

And whimpered “it is well”s

While your mind explodes with a million “why”s


And “is it not enough?”


You want to want to

And want to not want to string it in

Perfumed syllables punctuated with perfect interludes


You feel the need rising

From where everything is raw

Everything is harsh

Everything is bitter




But the silence tumbles down over you

Taut with sighs



And once again you resume your rehearsed



While the heavens wait

For the curtains to fall

And whisper  –



Will you come

As you are?”



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